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Baron Motorsports in Great Neck, NY


About Baron Motorsports

Baron Motorsports welcomes you to check out the best high-end pre-owned inventory in the area. We are family-owned dealership Group since 1959. If you are looking for any of the luxury brands including German models like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Audi, then Baron Motorsports should be the first place you check, and it will likely be the last place you look too. Not only do we provide a great inventory, but all of our models are NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. That means you get a warranty that acts just like a certified pre-owned vehicle that you would get from an OEM dealer. In fact, you can even take your car to an OEM dealership for warranty work.

Once you buy a car from us, we assure you and your family will be coming to buy cars for years.

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